Business Breakfast with Dr Juergen Reul, BMW Group

March 29th, 2017

On Tuesday Globe College faculty member Carmell, and Globe College students Patricia, Petronella, and Carla, attended a business breakfast at the Norton Rose Fulbright Conference Center, organised by the Directors Roundtable.

The guest of honour at the event was Dr Juergen Reul, General Consul, BMW Group, who spoke about the key issues facing the General Consul of an international automobile manufacturing corporation. His message primarily focused on the different levels of autonomous driving and how those different levels have not only legal implications, but constitutional ones as well.

Dr Reul was joined by four panelists who discussed additional topics including Board governance; mergers and acquisitions; regulation; dispute resolution; and autonomous driving.

The breakfast was well attended and provided a unique and interesting insight into the issues discussed. We would like to thank all involved in organising the event.

Lecture by Dr Juergen Reul, BMW Group