This means you learn the theory but also develop a growth mind-set, learn how to think on your feet, see the bigger picture and deal with people.

In combining the German and Irish educational approaches:

  • We offer an Irish degree (accredited by the Irish government) but are located in Germany (where the degree has full acceptance).
  • We teach completely in English although we are operating in a German-speaking environment.
  • We focus not just on the theory but also developing the skills and competence of students through role-play based assessments, personal coaching, guaranteed internships/work placements, mentoring.
  • Our staff and faculty are comprised of German, Irish and international people so the students are continuously exposed to different perspectives.

For background information on the founding of Globe College and our vision, click here on article with Dr Walsh.

While there are many ways that we combine the Irish and German approaches in our education model one example is the year-long project that we run annually where all students in College compete in teams to solve a business problem for a real company in our network. This project ensures that the students actually get a chance to apply the theory they learn and test themselves in a real-world setting.

Globe Business College alumna Sophia

Sophia’s Story

A prime example of our Irish/German approach is Sophia’s story. Sophia was born in Germany and during her studies at Globe College, she was introduced to the Irish business and diplomatic network in Munich, and visited Dublin on an industrial visit with us in 2013. Upon graduation from Globe College she took the decision to undertake a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution at one of the most prestigious universities in Ireland, Trinity College. Sophia is planning on developing her career in this area once she completes her Master’s degree.