The BA (Hons) in Business is a Bachelor programme that combines intense character and skill development within the context of an accredited three-year business degree. Students study the core aspects of business while developing five core skills and working on their mindset and personality. With this internationally recognised degree, students can go on to pursue Master studies, run family companies, start their own businesses, or get a competitive edge on the international job market.

Academic Degree Programme

Each subject is taught in a series of interactive seminars led by experienced lecturers who are experts in their chosen academic field and who have extensive professional experience.

In small classes of maximum 15–20, students work on case studies, examine real company profiles, and learn how to apply academic theories to real-life business scenarios.

Customised Education

As part of their degree studies, students are exposed to customised educational dimensions that facilitate them in developing their character and skill. Experiential learning at the College, in companies and in interactive sessions with experts are used to develop the five core skills of empathetic exchange, strategic thinking, communication, grit/passion and time management.

Individual character issues (such as procrastination, perfectionism, lack of self-confidence or focus) that may hamper skill development are worked on through individualised mentoring and coaching. “CEO Shadowing” and “Parent Swap Scheme” company placements can be undertaken as top-up elements to the degree studies.

Entry Requirements

  • At Globe College the average IB grade accepted is approximately 30 points, or mid-range grades for those taking the Abitur, which must include maths and a language.
  • Evidence of English language ability may be required for non-native speakers.
  • All students who apply for this programme are required to undertake a Golden Ticket Weekend workshop assessment or equivalent interactive event (please contact for more information).
  • Students who have fewer than the required number of points can be accepted in certain circumstances (for example mature students).


The BA (Hons) degree is fully accredited by the Irish government (through QQI, the accrediting body of the Irish government, Globe College has state acceptance in Bavaria to offer all three years of this degree programme in Germany. The degree is on the Anabin database (which lists all degrees that are recognised in Germany). The degree is a fully accredited European qualification with 180 ECTS credits and is issued with an official Diploma Supplement (a requirement for European-recognised degrees under the Bologna process). The degree is run in collaboration with our partner college in Ireland, Griffith College ( For further details on accreditation on this degree please contact


The fees for the BA (Hons) in Business degree are 15,000-25,000 Euros per term (depending on requirements regarding character and skill development).

There are six terms over the three years of the degree, namely two per year. Semesters run from September to January, and February to May. A one-off application fee of 450 Euros is also applicable.

A Commitment Fee of 4,000 EUR is paid upon acceptance to the programme, which is then deducted from the first two semester fees.

Fully customised programmes can be arranged and are priced according to individual needs.

How to Apply

To apply for this programme, please complete the application form either online (see the Apply Now button), or by printing the form here. Once completed, the printed form should be emailed to
Alternatively, please contact for an individual consultation, and further details on the admissions process.


As the BA (Hons) is a fully accredited European Degree (with 180 ECTS credits), students who successfully graduate on this programme can progress to Master studies within Germany, Europe or further afield, either in state or private third-level institutions. Please see our alumni section for a partial list of the universities where our graduates undertake Master degrees.

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