This means you get internships, job placements and high-level practical experience during your studies.

Our parents (and those in our relationship network) swap their sons or daughters into each other’s companies for work placements, internships and jobs upon graduation. This means our students get high-level experience throughout their degree studies, as they are mentored by the owner of the companies. Have a look at the videos below to see Nic, Julien and Oliver’s experience of their “Parent Swap Scheme”.

Globe College student Lisa at Weingut Hans Wirsching


Weingut Hans Wirsching, Iphofen

As a swap intern, Lisa finished an amazing month at the Weingut Hans Wirsching in Iphofen in early July 2018. She had the chance to work not only on the field, but also in marketing, sales, logistics, in processing and bottling. In addition she was able to learn from the owner of the vineyard about wine, wine growing and producing.

Globe College student Ellen at Bo Hotel


Bo Hotel, Hamburg

During her internship swap at Bo Hotel in Hamburg in June 2018, Ellen impressed her colleagues and supervisors with her motivation, positive attitude, open-mindedness and willingness to learn. Being interested in hospitality services, she worked in all the departments and enjoyed the experience tremendously. Bo Hotel is a boutique hotel chain with locations in Germany, Croatia and Mallorca.

Globe College student Iva at Bo Hotel


Bo Hotel, Palma de Mallorca

As part of Globe College’s swap scheme, Iva completed an internship at Bo Hotel at Palma de Mallorca in June 2017. Her tasks included assistance for the hotel manager as well as public relations, social media and front-desk duty.

Globe College student Oliver at Berkeley Services Group


Berkeley Services Group, Dubai

As part of Globe College’s swap scheme, Oliver did an internship at Berkeley Services Group in Dubai. During his stay he was able to shadow the Managing Director and get an insight into the work of all departments within the company. Berkeley Services is a member of Klüh Multiservices Germany, offering a wide range of services to clients across a spectrum of industries.

Globe College student Henry at Dinamo Zagreb


GNK Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia

Being passionate about football, Henry was accepted for an internship at Dinamo Zagreb in the summer of 2017. While there he worked closely with the Director of International Relations, and was also afforded the opportunity to observe training sessions, liaise with players and learn from experienced coaches about team management and development.

Globe College student Constantin at DRF Luftrettung


DRF Luftrettung, Germany

In June 2017, Constantin was accepted as a swap student to do an internship at DRF Luftrettung at Karlsruhe Airport in Germany, where he worked directly with the head of the project management. DRF offers emergency rescue, medical and technical know-how.

Globe College student Fabian at Union Investment


Union Investment, Frankfurt

During his internship at Union Investment in Frankfurt, Fabian worked on the trading desk, being involved in data analysis for fund projections and investments, working closely with the portfolio manager.

Globe College student Anton at TNS, UK


TNS, Edinburgh

Anton spent a month on an internship at TNS in Edinburgh. Whilst there he worked in the specialist services department, and was involved in customer relations, preparing questionnaires, data analysis and presentations.

Globe College student Olivia at TNS, UK


TNS, London

Olivia spent a month at TNS global market research in London, during the summer of 2016. She was involved in several projects including preparations for study surveys, preparing proposals and questionnaires, some of which involved the UK EU membership referendum.

Globe College student Steffen at Mattig Schauer GmbH


Mattig Schauer GmbH, Vienna

Steffen completed an internship at Mattig Schauer GmbH in Vienna in 2016. Steffen worked in different departments in the company during his internship and was involved in a wide range of tasks.

Globe College student Alex at Stelfox


Stelfox, Brighton

Alexander spent a month working as an intern at Stelfox, in Brighton, UK, during the summer of 2016. Stelfox is an executive search consultancy which focuses solely on life sciences, both globally and locally. Alex discovered his passion for executive search during a previous internship at Claddagh Resources in Ireland and is considering pursuing a career in this field.

Globe College student Michael at To Children with Love, Ireland


Children’s charity To Children with Love, Dublin, Ireland

Student Michael took part in an internship at Dublin-based charity To Children with Love. The charity was established in 1998 with the aim of transforming the lives of abandoned and disadvantaged children in Russia. While there, Michael developed a database and worked on a concept to expand the network of the charity in Germany.

Globe College alumnus Alex at GNK Dinamo Zagreb


GNK Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia

Alexander took part in an internship with GNK Dinamo Zagreb, during the summer of 2015, where he gained a unique insight into the workings of a high profile football club, which moved him one step closer to the dream of becoming a sports manager.

Globe College student Alex at Claddagh Resources, Ireland


Claddagh Resources, Ireland

Alexander took part in an internship at Claddagh Resources in Donegal, Ireland, during the summer of 2015. Claddagh Resources was founded by Mr Peter Casey, with offices in Ireland and the United States.

Globe College student Lucija at Union Investment, Germany


Union Investment, Frankfurt

Lucija did a three-week internship at Union Asset Management Holding in Frankfurt in 2015. While there Lucija worked in the international account and client service management department, where she helped out with research, international travel arrangement and preparation for client presentations.