Weingut Hans Wirsching Project: Final Presentations

March 21st, 2016

Our year-long project came to an end on Friday 18th March, when we welcomed the owners of the Weingut Hans Wirsching to Globe College for an afternoon of final presentations. We were also very pleased to be joined by parents, as well as our ‘investors’, who have been so helpful in the success of the project.

Our students have been working on the year-long project since its launch in September last year. On Friday all six teams gave their final presentations and took part in a question and answer session. The owners of the winery then declared ‘veni vidi vici’ the winning team.

We are grateful to everyone involved in making the year-long project a success, especially the Weingut Hans Wirsching. Congratulations also go to Mursal, Sophia, Gabriel, Fabian, Vika, and Max of ‘veni vidi vici’, as well as all the other teams for their hard work, and excellent presentations.