Grit Week 2019

May 6th, 2019

An exciting and challenging week!

We recently held our second Grit Week of the academic year, this time focusing on innovation and disruptive innovation. The goal of this Grit Week was for students to create two videos on this theme, with the winning group then going on to create a 30 minute podcast or vlog of their chosen topic.

Grit Week opened with guest lectures from Mr Christian Baudis, digital entrepreneur, futurist and former Google executive who has founded several successful start-ups and has held leading CEO positions in the European media and internet sectors over the past 20 years, and from Dr Gregor Matthies, Senior Advisor at Bain & Co, and Expert Venture Capitalist. Mr Baudis gave a lecture on how technology is changing business, and Dr Matthies lectured on Disruptive Technology. After each lecture each group was given time with the guest lecturer so that they could ask questions to help them plan how they would tackle the challenge.

On day two students were joined by Mr Pearse and Mr Mora. Mr Pearse worked on developing their video, and Mr Mora assisted with their concept. On day three the groups presented their video proposals, and two groups were then eliminated. The final three groups went on to shoot their videos, which were then sent to an expert on podcasts to judge. Team E-Docs were declared the winners; they will create their own podcast later in the year. Many congratulations to them and all our students!