Guest Lecture: Dr Gregor Matthies

November 16th, 2016

Globe Business College Munich students enjoyed a guest lecture from engineer, consultant and venture capitalist Dr Gregor Matthies on 15th November about the significance of disruptive innovation in the automotive industry.

Having demonstrated why electric drive, connectivity, car-sharing and autonomous vehicles are not only growing trends but also the solution to many of the developed world’s problems, Dr Matthies demonstrated why it is that established automotive players such as Audi and Mercedes are being challenged and outperformed by new thinkers such as Tesla and market incumbents willing to overhaul their established approach. His well-structured, engaging and thought-provoking talk inspired Globe students to consider the extent to which innovation defines good leadership, and to evaluate their own needs and expectations as modern consumers within a rapidly shifting value chain.

We would like to thank Dr Matthies for his insightful lecture and hope to welcome him back to Globe College in the future.