Golden Ticket Weekend: A Student’s Perspective

March 4th, 2019

Golden Ticket Workshop, January 2019
Jack, Leon and Cosimo, all of St Gilgen school in Austria, took part in our January Golden Ticket Weekend. Jack wrote about his experience in their school newsletter.

Two weekends ago we, Leon O, Cosimo R and Jack C, visited a presentation skills and business workshop at Globe Business College Munich (GBCM). The Workshop was based around enhancing our presentation, team working and improvisation skills combined with business.

On the first day, Friday, GBCM made the participants get to know each other through intense yet entertaining activities. Such as assigning us to a team and telling us to create a group logo, team name and a creative presentation in only 15 minutes which created a lot of pressure which is what the weekend was greatly about.

On Saturday we were educated about various business concepts and ideas which helped us deal with the actual task of the weekend: a business case study representing an issue a company was dealing with for which we were in charge of finding a solution to.

Throughout Saturday we periodically worked on the task with our team and attended helpful lessons on business and presentation skills. At the end of the day we were almost done with our solution and had given multiple test-presentations to our solution and received feedback on how to better them. The only thing that remained was to perfect our ideas and presentations.

Sunday morning we were given three hours to add finishing touches and then it was time to present our findings and solutions to a panel of judges. Both teams presentations were highly successful and the best presentations held that day with one of our teams being awarded the best solution to the case study and thus winning the competition.

The learning we gained from the weekend are ones we will take with us into our future careers. We highly recommend attending this weekend. If you are interested feel free to either contact one of us or find GBCM contact details and more information here: