Gap Year Programs – 5 inspirational reasons why you should travel and study abroad

April 19th, 2017

Too cool for school! What to do with your gap year? Let us inspire you:

Are you about to finish school and are undecided about which direction to take? Would you like to combine your gap year travel plans with a study programme, which gives you a first taste of what it would be like to study business?

Then take a look at the Globe College solution for your gap year: Foundation Certificate in Business. The programme is flexible (study for one or two semesters) and gives you the full Globe College experience without you committing to a three year Bachelor degree.

Studying in Munich-Gap Year

5 inspirational reasons why you should travel and study abroad in your gap year

#1: Get inspired: Find out whether to study a Business Bachelor!

Backpacking, Work & Travel or studying abroad – that’s the usual dilemma for many confused and overwhelmed students who don’t know what to do after finishing High School, Abitur or Middle School (Mittlere Reife).  We have all been there and know the feeling: You probably feel exhausted and are gasping for a break after the intense study marathon you just had to go through in the last months.

Now you have to face a new challenge: deciding what to do in the future and choosing what to study. This is a great opportunity for you: no more boring subjects you don’t care about – go out in the world and learn about the things you are really interested in. You can specialize in your field of choice, aim at a great career and dream of having your own business some day.

Nevertheless, competition in the business world is fierce and professionals in leadership positions are getting younger every year. Gearing up for the adventure and exploring the world might seem fun, but you don’t want to waste an entire year meanwhile others are already studying. On the other hand, deciding too quickly what to study might be misleading, too and students can regret the decision they took when they were very young and inexperienced.

This is why we wanted to come up with a solution to this problem:

At Globe Business College Munich, we are a network of business professionals, marketing professors and motived students. We have all been in your shoes once and know how confusing and overwhelming the broad offer of study opportunities, Bachelor programmes and companies to work at can be.

Therefore, we came up with a gap year programme tailored for you – the Foundation Certificate – a programme that helps you find out what you really want in your personal and professional life.

#2: Learn about Business before you go to college and gain valuable credits!

It’s your choice: our Foundation Certificate gap year programme can be done in either 1 semester (4 months) or 2 semesters (8 months)! You don’t need to sacrifice an entire year and can use the rest of your gap year for fun activities like travelling. You’ll study five subjects that combine business with personal and professional development. Each subject is taught in a series of interactive seminars lead by experienced lecturers who have both an academic and professional background. The theory is brought alive through guest lectures, industry mentors and industrial visits.

The Globe Foundation Business Programme is designed to provide you with an understanding of key business subjects. In addition, the programme is aimed at improving your interpersonal skills and business competences. Where agreed, even an internship placement in a company in our network can be arranged at the end of the study period.

Gap Year

#3: Step out of your comfort zone and study abroad in your gap year!

Getting a foundation certificate at a young age right after High School may seem challenging at first glance. But stepping out of your comfort-zone and walking this extra-mile towards your future might give you the kick you need, in order to reach for the stars.

Globe Business College Munich has a history of great Business professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders who have walked out of our doors. This is why we encourage you to dare the same and invest in your future. You will grow with the challenges you take but you’ll also be inspired by experienced people and start to build a strong network of your own. Outside of your comfort-zone is the place where the magic happens. 

Gap Year

#4: Combine travel plans and studying in your gap year!

Who says you can’t combine travelling and studying? Wouldn’t it be amazing to discover new countries, new cultures and new adventures while also collecting credits that can be used in your university applications? Do you want to go abroad and travel to the beautiful beaches of Southeast Asia, surf the Australian coasts and dance with the Kiwis without losing precious time for your business education? Are your parents pushing you to get a business degree rather than sunburned and dengue fever?

Then we might have the perfect solution for you:  a 1 or 2 semester programme that combines your gap year abroad and your travel plans. Collect valuable credits, find out what to study and get a taste of what it is like to study at one of the best business colleges in Germany.
After only one semester of 4 months you’ll still have 8 more months to travel. Or why don’t you take the chance and discover the beautiful cities in Germany like Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg, explore the landscape with gorgeous mountains, lakes and forests and pick up some German words?

Your advantage: as the Foundation Certificate is a short programme, you still can go backpacking and travel the world – no questions asked. 

Gap Year

#5: Please your parents and your conscience!

Your parents always seem to know what’s best for you and maybe also have your future planned already. Backpacking and partying in South America is probably not what they have foreseen for you. Maybe you have to take over the family company as soon as possible and they want you to study right away?

This can put a lot of pressure on you. But don’t worry, a great way to deal with those expectations is the one semester Foundation Certificate. Instead of starting your second level education right away or doing one whole academic gap year you can just get a taste of what it is like to study business. Gain experience in marketing and finance and collect valuable credits for almost any further educational programme.

Gap Year

#6: Find out what it’s like to study at Globe Business College Munich!

Globe Business College Munich is a very special place where you can gain an outstanding business education and also build a strong network, develop people skills and challenge yourself. With the Foundation Certificate semester, you can find out what it’s like to study at an international Business School in your gap year. There are no strings attached and no obligations, just check out if you like the atmosphere, the people and the city.

At Globe Business College Munich we combine the Irish and German approaches to education. The dream when the college was founded in 2006 was to develop students who can combine the science and art of business. So graduates who in addition to their formal academic qualifications have the ability to think on their feet, operate in dynamic environments, have great people skills, communication abilities and are driven by a growth mind-set.

Gap Year

#7: Improve your grades: get accreditation for Business Bachelors degrees.

We have more good news for you: since the Foundation Certification is not a Bachelors degree yet, school grades do matter, but are not a kick-out-criteria when admitting students for the programme. This is your opportunity to top up a lack of academic grades and get a guaranteed university place for a Bachelors programme at Globe Business College Munich or other institutions.

Once you complete your foundation course and achieve the required grades, there is the possibility of continuing to your chosen undergraduate degree at your chosen university.

This is a great chance for international students, too, since education standards vary around the globe. Different grading, different teaching methods and different school subjects can be a burden for international students who want to study abroad in their gap year. The Globe College Foundation Certificate helps you to attain the level of English language skills, business know-how and business subjects you need to move forward.

Gap Year

Use your gap year wisely – combine travelling and preparing for your future!