Industrial Visit to Dublin 2010

November 21st, 2010

The Industrial Trip for the 2010 Fall Semester took the Globe Business College to Dublin, Ireland, still one of the most exciting and dynamic capital cities in Europe, despite the recent economic difficulties the country has faced.

Friday afternoon was taken up with a visit to Griffith College, the GBCM partner College in Ireland. Here, students were treated to a lecture on the economic developments in Ireland over the last year and were provided with an insight into third level education in Ireland. Friday evening saw the group eating at the Dylan hotel, one of the key addresses in Dublin, followed by a night of dancing at Lillie’s Bordello, one of the most exclusive night clubs in Dublin.

On Saturday the 13th November, students and faculty got a first hand view of the whiskey industry in Ireland with an industrial visit to the Jameson Distillery, one of Ireland’s oldest and most famous whiskey manufacturers. During the visit, students were provided with an insight into the marketing/ sales activities of Jameson as well as an understanding of the process involved in producing the world famous product.

After the distillery, GBCM students cheered on Ireland as they faced Samoa in an exciting and intense rugby match at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium. Saturday evening was spent in Johnnie Foxes (the highest pub in Ireland) where the group experienced the best of Irish culture and music.

An educational and enjoyable weekend was had by all!

Globe Business College Industrial Visit to Dublin 2010