All About Globe College – The Different Business School in Munich

April 19th, 2017

We are a very different business school in Munich

Globe Business College is a business school in Munich, that was founded in 2006 to meet the needs of a specific niche group of German and international students. These are the sons and daughters of parents who run successful family companies (Mittelstand), individuals who want to use their third level education to develop their own companies or those who wish to work in an international business environment upon graduation.

We teach in English, are very practice driven and completely international in nature.

We are an individual business school in Munich:

The students at Globe Business College represent the 5% of the market who are looking for third level educational experience that is truly unique and centred on them as individuals. This individual experience is created through flexibility in the system, partnering with students, parents and industry, an emphasis on self-development and contextualisation of the education.

The Globe Business College Degrees and Programmes

We have a range of business programmes designed to meet the needs of our specific group. These include a Bachelor (Hons) in Business Studies degree, a Top-Up Business Bachelor degree programme, and shorter courses including a Foundation Certificate and a Business Summer School programme.

All of our programmes are accredited and recognised in Europe and further afield. The BA (Hons) degree has state accreditation in Ireland (through QQI, the accreditation body of the Irish government) and is fully recognised in Germany. The Top-Up Business Bachelor programme is on the national framework of third level qualifications in England.

Globe Business School Munich

 Our educational business school concept is unique because…

We combine Irish and German educational approaches

Our college is capped at 120 students

Our education is completely bespoke and individual

Our academic assessments are based on the companies in our direct network

Our students benefit from our parents/student swap scheme

Our network is relationship based and opens doors

We have relationship based recruitment

For a consultation on how Globe Business College can meet your individual third level education needs, please contact us at or phone +49 (0)89 599 908 41 or visit our website: