Industrial Visit To Vienna, November 2011

April 9th, 2011

The Industrial Trip for the 2011 Spring Semester took the Globe Business College to Vienna, Austria for exciting visits to two different international companies. GBCM students and staff arrived in Vienna on the evening of Thursday, 24th March in time for dinner and to take in the cultural sights of this exciting European capital.

The first company visit on Friday morning was with the Austrian Railways (ÖBB), the national railway company of Austria and administrators of Liechtenstein’s railways. The visit began with an interesting lecture about the insights into the work of the Austrian Railway’s international marketing department. Following the hour-long presentation, students and staff were treated to a visit to the traffic control room, where the entire Austrian rail traffic is monitored.

After this first visit, the group made their way towards the United Nations City for the second industrial visit at the UN, stopping first to enjoy a group lunch in the warm Vienna sun.

During a tour of the facilities, the GBCM party learned not only about the UN’s missions, but also about how the UN affects them at home. The guided tour was followed by a lecture from the United Nationals Office for Outer Space Affairs, where GBCM was given insight to the UN-SPIDER programme and learned how the UN deals with disaster relief from space image technology.

After the two visits, students were left with a little more time to explore the city before making their way back to the train station to head home to Munich. An educational and enjoyable weekend was had by all!

Globe Business College Industrial Visit to Vienna 2011