Guest Lecture: Dr Ingo Friedrich, Quaestor of the European Parliament

December 8th, 2010

The 2010 Fall Semester Guest Lecture at Globe Business College with Dr Ingo Friedrich, Quaestor of the European Parliament and member of the board, took place on 2nd December 2010 and was an overwhelming success!

Networking among various groups in attendance such as the Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern, the Junge Europäer Bayern e.V., the Europäische Bewegung Bayern e.V and Globe Business College Munich students and faculty proved to be a successful start to a memorable evening. A welcome address by Dr Susan Walsh, Dean of Globe Business College Munich, and introduction by Dr Beatrice Bischof, member of the board of Directors of the Foreign Affairs Association, opened the floor for Dr Ingo Friedrich. During his speech, Dr Friedrich provided those in attendance with a fascinating overview of the “Economic Decision Process in Europe” while also giving an insight into today’s global economic outlook.

With an audience of well over 80 professionals and students, the event turned out to be truly engaging and memorable evening! We would like to extend a special thank you to Dr Friedrich and all who organised and supported the event.

Dr Ingo Friedrich Guest Lecture, December 2010