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Our webinars are a great opportunity to learn about our unique relationship-based business College in Munich that specialises in customised education.

Join us for our webinar series over the coming months which are exclusive for our community and by invitation only.

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if you want to be part of a unique network and learn from our guest speakers.
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Past Webinars

Tom O'Gorman & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with investor and philanthropist Tom O'Gorman

Wednesday 10th November, 2021
12.00pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Prof Dr Rene Schmidpeter & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with Prof Dr René Schmidpeter, Sustainability Strategist & Founder of M3TRIX GmbH

Wednesday 3rd November, 2021
12.00pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Christopher Pommerening & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with Christopher Pommerening, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Learnlife

Wednesday 27th October, 2021
12.00pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Tana French & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with award-winning author Tana French

Wednesday 6th October, 2021
11.00am (CET)

Date with the Dean: Chris Kaiser & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with Chris Kaiser, CEO and founder of ‘Click A Tree’

Wednesday 29th September, 2021
12.00pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Prof Dr Milan Krajnc & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with Sir DDr Milan Krajnc, Psychotherapist

Monday 13th September, 2021
12.00pm (CET)

Globe Business College students

Ace the Alumni

Wednesday 24th March, 2021
5.00pm–5.30pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Packy Lee & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Series continues with a special guest:
actor and producer Packy Lee

Thursday 25th February, 2021
5.00pm (CET)

Globe College Business Programme students

Webinar for Students and Parents: Join us to find out more information about our programmes

Wednesday 24th February, 2021
5.00pm–5.30pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Lara Stein & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Series continues with a special guest:
Lara Stein, founder and former director of TEDx

Wednesday 9th December, 2020
6.00pm–7.00pm (CET)

Bachelor in Business Studies students

Webinar for Students and Parents: Join us to find out more information about our programmes

Wednesday 2nd December, 2020
5.30pm–6.00pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Ksenija Cipek & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Series continues with a special guest:
Ksenija Cipek, Dame of Honour

Wednesday 11th November, 2020
5.00pm–6.00pm (CET)

Growth Mindset with Mr David Walsh

Webinar with Dr. Docherty and Mr. Walsh on Growth Mindset

Wednesday 7th October, 2020
5.15pm–6.15pm (CET)

Student and Careers Counsellor

Webinar for our Relationship Schools: Careers Advisers and Business Teachers

Wednesday 24th June, 2020
4.30pm–5.15pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Mary McKenna and Dr Marc Ventresca

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with Mary McKenna and Dr Marc Ventresca

Wednesday 10th June, 2020
5.30pm–6.30pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Pete Smyth & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with Pete Smyth

Tuesday 2nd June, 2020
5.30pm–6.15pm (CET)

Globe College students with Irish Ambassador Michael Collins

Join our great relationship community to get a feel for our unique, relationship-based educational approach

Monday 25th May, 2020
5.30pm–6.00pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Norah Casey & Dr Susan Walsh

Date with the Dean: The Interview Series with Norah Casey

Tuesday 19th May, 2020
5.30pm–6.15pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Henry Joseph-Grant & Dr. Susan Walsh

Join Dr Susan Walsh for a special interview with the award-winning tech entrepreneur Henry Joseph-Grant

Tuesday 12th May, 2020
5.30pm–6.15pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Ned Dennehy & Dr. Susan Walsh

Join Dr Susan Walsh for a special interview with renowned Irish film and television actor Ned Dennehy

Tuesday 5th May, 2020
5.30pm–6.00pm (CET)

Educational Agents with students

Webinar for our Relationship Agents

Wednesday 29th April, 2020
4.30pm–5.00pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Arlan Hamilton & Dr. Susan Walsh

Join Dr Susan Walsh for a special interview with Arlan Hamilton, Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital

Tuesday 21st April, 2020
6.00pm–6.30pm (CET)

Date with the Dean: Tom Gregory and Thomas Stein

Join Dr Susan Walsh for a special interview with the singer Tom Gregory from UK and Thomas Stein, top manager in the music industry from Germany

Wednesday 1st April, 2020
4.30pm–5.15pm (CET)

Dr Vincent Doherty

Join Dr. Docherty to discuss how you can stay motivated while learning from home

Tuesday 31st March, 2020
4.00pm–4.45pm (CET)

Dr Susan Walsh, Dean of Globe Business College

Join us for the kick-off session with Dr Walsh

Thursday 26th March, 2020
4.00pm–5.00pm (CET)

Globe Business College is a bespoke, private, accredited business college that is aimed at a niche group of students who are the sons and daughters of successful company owners. The college was founded in 2006 in Munich to provide this niche target group with customized, relationship based business degree education.

At the heart of the college is a community that is based on deep relationships – not just with the students but with their parents, their companies and their wider networks. Increasingly the students who study at Globe College come to us through this relationship-based network. This is ideal as it allows us to grow the community with like-minded individuals who value our educational approach and relationship driven education. To facilitate this referral process and also to broaden our network, we host “Globe at Home” evenings in different locations. Often these events are hosted by one of our families either ‘at home’ or in their companies.

Next Evening Event:
15th January 2020 – Vienna

If you have someone in your network who you feel would benefit from exploring the community at Globe College (because they are interested in relationship based education, they have a child who may be interested in studying with us or they are a multiplier) then we would love to have them with us on the night.

If you want to find out if Globe Business College Munich is the right place for your child to study, please join us at the event. Receive your invitation by clicking below.

The Night of Relationships is an evening where you will be introduced to organisations who are following a people-centred, relationship-based approach in a world that is increasingly focused on mass marketing and technology. Learn more about these great relationship driven businesses and network with like-minded individuals.

Upcoming Event: 5th March, 2020

Enda O'Coineen aboard the Kilcullen Voyager yacht

Globe Business College Munich and the Irish Business Network invite you to an afternoon with Enda O’Coineen

On Thursday, 5th March 2020 we are delighted to welcome Irish Businessman, Enda O’Coineen, to Globe Business College Munich for what promises to be an insightful and engaging lecture. Enda, who has a successful background in management, finance and leadership, will be discussing his hour-long documentary and book based on his solo sailing voyage around the world.

Please click here to read more about Mr O’Coineen.

The presentation will begin at 2:30pm followed by networking from 3:30pm onwards with Enda, students, faculty and key members of our network at the college. A dinner (limited numbers and invitation only) will follow at the nearby Augustiner Keller to continue conversations and network into the evening.

If you are interested in attending the lecture or dinner, then please request your invitation below.

You can also contact us at:
or telephone: +49 (0) 89 59 99 08 41

We would love for you to join us and look forward to seeing you on March 5th.

Past Evening Events: 29th November 2019

We would like to introduce you to our community (that has built up around the college over the last 14 years). A network of industry leaders, company owners, academics and mothers and fathers who value an individual and human centred approach to education. Meet this network at our exclusive parent event at 8pm on Friday November 29th here in Munich, at Cove & Co. (Cove & Co. is a custom tailors showroom in the heart of Munich)

The Evening of Relationship-based Education is where we get together in an informal set-up to discuss the developments required in education to prepare the next generation for the dynamic, changing world they face. We also showcase the particular relationship-based, student-centred approach that has been developed by Globe College. Come and join our community for an interesting, informative night and network with like-minded individuals who value relationship education models in a world driven by technology.

You have a son or daughter aged 16-20 or know someone in this age group and would love them to actually experience relationship based education in operation? Then get their invite for the next “Golden Ticket” Business Weekend Workshop and have them benefit from an interactive, challenging, enlightening two days of business education that is focused on developing them personally. Workshop is by invitation only and participants are invited as our guests.

It was the most amazing atmosphere I could have imagined! It teaches you life skills in a way nothing else can compare to.
Marial – International School of Brussels, Belgium

From the moment I walked into College, everyone was so friendly and it just felt like a big family. The lecturers taught with such passion and enthusiasm and all the staff were so helpful and supportive. A great and amazing weekend!
Luisa – Rodenkirchen Gesamtschule, Germany

I just met with Darragh and he only had praise for the whole experience and was delighted to meet so many like-minded young people. He spoke very highly of Globe Business College, the staff and the other students he met.
Ms S. Cumiskey – Guidance Counsellor, Franciscan College Gormanston, Ireland

Globe Business College Munich allows students to be educated through a real personal, individual and emotional connection with the college.
Elmira Heinrich – Heinrich Noble UG

I already loved business before coming here, however, being in a college setting increased my enthusiasm because it felt professional.
Sören – International School Basel, Basel

The Golden Ticket weekend allowed participants to sample the real world, taking decisions alone and with the support of the group, building with confidence their maximum individual potential.
Iulian Cristea – Cambridge School of Bucharest

It was an incredible experience that opened my eyes to studying something that I thought wasn’t for me. I have learnt that Business is something at which I could excel. Indeed, Business is not at all dry, but full of life.
Emma – Munich International School, Germany

It was a perfect mix of the practical and the underpinning theory. I had never realised the overwhelming importance of the delivery in the presentation – it’s not just about the content! My only wish is that the weekend lasted longer!
Hugo – Bavarian International School, Germany

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience and came back buzzing.
Mr L. Rees – Head of Business Studies, Portsmouth Grammar School, UK

I’ve met so many different and amazing people and had so much fun during the weekend. Every day was different and we always learned new things. I would definitely recommend it as it was such a great opportunity not only for learning but also because I had so much fun.
Lucy – Klosterschule Rossleben, Germany

The weekend was designed to be individual and personal. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of solving a business case study and presenting our solution to a panel of judges. The challenge was exemplified by significant time pressure and having to quickly build relationships in a diverse team. Needless to say, we rose to the challenge and we received great feedback throughout the weekend. A great programme – it is unique and I would not change a thing.
Anna-Sophia – International School Mainfranken, Germany

The teachers really know how to motivate their students – our team developed so strongly and so quickly. We saw how much potential students have if they are motivated in the right way. I would recommend the Golden Ticket weekend – there is truly no better way to get to know Globe College.
Marvin – Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern, Switzerland

Michal came back glowing with pleasure about the weekend and told me all about winning the challenge.
Ms K. Raggio – School Counselor Grades 11 & 12, American School of Warsaw, Poland

Can I just say how much I loved and enjoyed this weekend? It truly went beyond all my expectations and I enjoyed every second of it. The energetic, interactive and positive way you taught us, the practical information you gave us that we can apply in real life, and the way you took away my restrictions when it comes down to seeing the bigger picture; I can assure you that nobody has ever taught me like this before.
Daniel – International School Villa Amalienhof, Berlin

It’s wonderful seeing a group of individuals becoming a team in such a short space of time.
Marita Tietze – Personalberatung Dr. Vossen GmbH

Friday Evening
Welcome Evening
Saturday Morning
Introductions and Plan for the Weekend
Case Study
Interactive Marketing Session
Saturday Afternoon
Presentation Skills Theory
Team Work and Practice Presentations
Sunday Morning
Team Work and Practice Presentations
Final Case Presentations to Panel of Judges
Sunday Afternoon
Closing and Certificates

The Meininger Hotel Munich City Centre is conveniently located just a 5 minute walk from Globe Business College Munich and is close to Hackerbrücke SBahn station, which takes you direct to Marienplatz, the main square in Munich, and directly to and from the airport.

The Meininger Hotel City Centre offers ideal accommodation for young people, as well as free wifi, a games room, shared kitchen, and helpful English-speaking staff. You can view their website here.

Alternately the Euro Youth Hotel is located in a quiet street just 80 metres from Munich’s main train station, and the city’s main attraction, as well as being a 10 minute walk or 2 minute train ride from Globe Business College Munich. Again accommodation is normally provided in shared rooms. You can view their website here.

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