Guest Lecture: Ms Andrea Wirsching, Weingut Hans Wirsching

December 2nd, 2015

We were recently honoured to welcome Ms Andrea Wirsching of the Weingut Hans Wirsching, along with Mr Philip Grob and Ms Tanja Angebrandt of Agentur SHUTTLE Würzburg, to Globe College for a workshop.

The workshop focused on marketing and design concepts, and was part of our year-long project which is being run in co-operation with the Weingut Hans Wirsching. During the session each group had the opportunity to present and discuss the project and receive personalised feedback.

We would like to thank Ms Wirsching, Mr Grob and Ms Angebrandt for their time and for their invaluable feedback.

Andrea Wirsching, Weingut Hans Wirsching