Diversity matters to us. We select students to ensure that each class of 20 has students who are completely different to each other in terms of age, experience, culture and life goals. That guarantees the international nature of our education.

The students who choose Globe College are either very good academically but looking for personal development or are great practitioners who need some support with the theory. While our students are individuals and completely different to each other, they all have a common space here to develop academically and personally.

Globe College student Sören


3rd Year Student

Though born in Germany, Sören went to primary school in China and graduated from high school at the International School in Basel, Switzerland. Sören had very clear plans when he started his studies at Globe College, challenging himself both academically and professionally. He plays drums, and in 2015 founded a company in Basel, along with a friend. Through an internship arranged by Globe College Sören is currently working at a start-up consultancy company in Munich and is in the last year of the BA (Hons) programme.

Globe College student Anton


2nd Year Student

Anton received his degree of secondary education from the department of teaching and education in Belgium and was described by his teachers as an intellectual, realistic future entrepreneur. He is most proud of having worked for 10 months as a volunteer with Raleigh International in Borneo. Through Globe College’s internship scheme Anton spent a month during the summer of 2016 at the prestigious TNS market research agency in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Globe College students Carla and Charlotte

Carla and Charlotte

2nd Year Students

Carla and Charlotte, both started their studies with us in 2015. Carla received her IB Diploma from the International School of Geneva, Switzerland while Charlotte gained her leaving Certificate in Newtown School in Waterford, Ireland. Carla is an excellent linguist, and a member of Amnesty International while Charlotte, in addition to studying hard, is involved with her family wine dynasty.

Globe College students Gianluca and Vincent

Gianluca and Vincent

Graduates 2016

Gianluca and Vincent graduated in May 2016 and became best friends during their studies, bound by their love of nature, sports and travel. In 2016 together with two colleagues and friends from Globe College they participated in an Iron Man competition. Gianluca who comes from Bozen in Italy received his High School Diploma from Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Vinny on the other hand came to Globe College after graduating from high school in Colorado, USA.

Globe College student Mariia


3rd Year Student

Mariia joined us after completing her A-levels at Woodbridge School in the UK. She was a professional gymnast in her younger years and today is a keen social media user (her YouTube channel has thousands of followers we hear). As well as maintaining excellent academic performance, Mariia manages to find time to be student rep and run the GBCM student Instagram page.

Globe College student Mursal


3rd Year Student

Mursal was born in Afghanistan but finished both her high school and one year of premedical studies in Pakistan, before moving to Germany. Mursal speaks four languages fluently, is an excellent public speaker and has been engaged as a working student with Intel since 2016 (which was arranged by Globe College).

Globe College student Lia-Sophie


1st Year Student

Lia-Sophie (who is German) is a great example of our relationship based recruitment. She first took part in a Golden Ticket weekend in May 2015, and the Navigator Summer Business School in the subsequent July, before joining Globe College in September 2016. Lia-Sophie has a passion for business and loves Ireland, where she plans to do further studies.

Globe College student Arthur


1st Year Student

Another great example of our relationship based recruitment. We first met Arthur at a College fair at Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Switzerland. This lead to Arthur taking part in our Golden Ticket weekend in March 2016 and our Summer School in July 2016, before enrolling as a full-time student in September of the same year. Arthur, who comes from Südtirol, loves everything to do with technology.

Globe College student Fabian


2nd Year Student

Fabian joined us after taking part in the 2015 Navigator Summer Business School and receiving his bilingual, German and English Abitur from a prestigious gymnasium in Trier. Fabian was part of the team that won the 2015-2016 year-long project and is currently in his second year of studies at Globe College.

Globe College student Boaz


2nd Year Student

Boaz joined Globe College in September 2015, while his brother Denys graduated in November 2015. Boaz attended Munich International School and originally studied at a large university. Whilst there he decided to transfer to Globe College so that he would benefit from a more personal, individualised approach. Boaz is also the co-owner of online fashion shop Sassy Classy.

Globe College student Nicolas


2nd Year Student

Nicolas is currently in his second year. Nicolas studied at both the IMG Academic in Brandenton, Florida, and Frankfurt International School. As well as having a keen interest in business Nicolas is passionate about tennis, and has played on a professional level. Nicolas’s brother Alexander is a Globe College alumnus, who has been currently been accepted at Hult Business School in Boston to study for his Master’s degree.

Globe College student Iva


2nd Year Student

Following in the footsteps of her sister who is currently starting the last semester of her BA (Hons) in Business Studies at Globe, Iva joined our college in September 2016. Iva is from Zagreb, Croatia, and is passionate about diversity and equality for women in business, and is planning on opening her own business in the future. Iva also has an interest in football thanks to her family background.


The students who attend our various programmes, come from prestigious schools all over Europe and further afield.

Below is a selection:

  • Riverside School, Prague

  • American School of Warsaw

  • International European School of Warsaw

  • Bavaria International School

  • Munich International School

  • Schloss Stein

  • Institute of Montana

  • Institute Rosenberg

  • Gormanston College, Ireland

  • Frankfurt International School

  • Christian School of Vienna

  • European School Munich

  • Louisenlund Internat

  • Berlin Brandenburg

  • International School Ruhr

  • St Georges Duisburg

  • St Georges Cologne

  • Schloss Salem

  • Amadeus International School

  • Basel International School

  • Buckswood, UK

  • Newton College, Ireland

  • Internat Solling

  • American School of Salzburg

  • Geneva International School

  • International School Bremen

  • Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Switzerland

  • International School Frankfurt Rhein Main